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Learn who we are and where we come from. We want you to know a little about us as we are going to start a deep relationship. We ask you to be authentic so we have to be it too!


I am Nicolas Demeilliers, husband to Fer and father to Inès and Agathe. We reside in a rural area not far from Mexico City.


I am the founder of &you and a seasoned professional coach, with 20 years of working with entrepreneurs in Latin America and Europe's largest companies. My coaching expertise encompasses working with entrepreneurial leaders as they grow, transform, and reinvent their businesses, both personally and professionally, as well as take on new roles.

My background as a high-level banking executive and a social entrepreneur who co-founded 4 companies in Latin America, impacting over 20,000 vulnerable individuals, gives me a natural empathy for entrepreneurs and leaders. This enables me to understand and connect deeply with their needs and challenges.


I have lived in Mexico for the past decade, but have lived in four other countries and speak three languages fluently. My diverse personal, family, and work/life balance experiences have equipped me with the ability to understand and support individuals facing reinvention periods, such as transitioning to a new role, starting a business, or finding one's life purpose. My multicultural background gives me a unique perspective, allowing me to help my clients see their challenges from a broader viewpoint.

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