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Our Services

We provide different services tailored to the needs and wants of each of our clients.



Work one on one with a profesional coach to design your future and make transformational changes as a leader and in your life 

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The entrepreneurial journey is often a lonely one. In a safe, confidential and trustworthy space, you share your own wisdom and benefit from the wisdom and experience of entrepreneurs like you, share your challenges and your emotions, and ask for help without the fear of being judged. More info here...

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Learn to become a more conscious leader, gain an optimal work-life balance, develop emotional intelligence skills, create an effective organizational culture.

Energy Efficiency Consultation


Create an organizational culture which generates trust, efficiency and commitment


Design the organizational set up that best fits your needs & goals


Marble Surface

“I have worked with countless Hollywood movie stars over the years. Ones who have the “it” factor. But I have never quite met a star like Nicolas Demeilliers. His curiosity, his laughter, his patience, his interest in you, well, the combination is impossibly delightful. I started out as his mentor, but I have learned so much from him about being a better, more focused, compassionate man that I have to call Nicolas, my mentor.  If you have the opportunity to be coached by Nicolas, I can promise you, it will be one of the best experiences of your life. He is a lover of people and he will show you the way to love yourself, so important if you are to achieve any measure of success in your life. You are in for a great adventure with Nicolas, a guy who has the heart of Frodo and the wisdom of Gandalf. His star quality is your quality for he is happy to share his light.  Every time I have a session with Nicolas, I beam a little brighter.”

David Paul Kirkpatrick, former President of Paramount Pictures and former Production Chief of Walt Disney Studios.

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