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&you serves amazing purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who want to have a big impact in the world. We help them create the life and the world they really want, connecting with their authentic self,  transforming themselves and unleashing their fullest potential.

We are not your typical coaching firm. At &you, we are entrepreneurs ourselves and deeply understand entrepreneurs' needs and challenges. 

how does it work


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In a group of peers or in individual sessions, the coaching process works to create a positive feedback loop between your awareness, your social and emotional well-being, your potential, and your reinvention process. This “loop” will enable you to identify the changes you consider necessary and important in your life.


You will design your own transformational action plan to carry out those changes.  

The core of the process is focused on raising your awareness. This will help you build your ideal version of your life. You will understand your own strengths, blind spots and areas of improvement, uncover what has limited you in your personal development (mental models, beliefs, contexts and past experiences) and gain more clarity about yourself and your particular situation. 


Together, whether you belong to a group of peers or you have one on one sessions with your coach,  we co-create a safe space of trust and confidentiality, where you can express your challenges and emotions. We listen, we ask powerful questions without judgement. We believe in your potential and we don't tell you what to do.


The coach and the group support you in your self-awareness journey to accelerate your personal and professional growth, find your own answers and implement extraordinary changes in your life.

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